Is that a Mud Stain on your Navy Blue Power Suit?

Not that I have a most favorite part of the election season, but this has to be my least favorite part. It’s the time of year when every commercial break features countless political ads in all of their mud-slinging glory. Really, it’s enough to make me turn off the tube or check out a few extra DVDs from the library. This coming from a girl who usually loves commercials…well, at least the clever ones.


You can typically gauge how close an election really is by the ruthlessness of the campaign ads. Two months out: candidates are happily showing off their good deeds and beautiful families as they saunter through the streets of their hometowns, shaking hands and kissing babies. One month out: it’s easier to tell who the ad is against than who it supports; the ads feature the opposing candidate’s (insert one or more) (a) lack of experience, (b) lack of morals & values, or (c) lack of aptitude. Two weeks out: the gloves are off; freeze-frame videos stop at just the right point to show the other guy’s face contorted into unflattering expressions; ads reveal the opponent’s affiliation with a crazed, underground midget cult that brainwashes children to play only violent re-released Atari games. Frankly, I would be ashamed to connect myself with any of these ads, but the commercials are generally followed by a voice over proudly stating, “I’m Politician Mike, and I support this message.” WHAT?!?

I remember a few years back when my mom ran for Mayor of my hometown – Kokomo, Indiana. Talk about a crash-course in dirty, small-town politics. Unfortunately, the local media was responsible for backhoing most of the mud into the political catapult. But I digress… I guess the question I beg is, “Who are these guys targeting?” Because I wouldn’t buy what they’re selling for a penny. Maybe it’s because I already know which holes I’ll punch on the ballot card, but I consider it amusing that the politicos think they’re really fooling anyone.


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