Keeping Abreast of the Situation

I was always active as a child. Ballet, gymnastics, track, volleyball, golf…you name it. As an adult, my interest in exercise has dwindled to oh, about zero. In the past year, in fact, I’ve probably burned more calories complaining about my need to exercise than I’ve actually burned doing any exercise. Read it here first friends…those days are behind me. I’ve discovered something deliciously new to me – AQUATIC AEROBICS (AA). Who knew that I would ever truly look forward to strapping on a pair of sneakers with my bathing suit?

This is not a picture of my actual class, in case you’re wondering. In fact, I’m providing it only to offer visual proof of the euphoria that can be achieved through AA. I’ll admit that when I first started thinking about taking an AA class, I was picturing something more along the lines of what you would find at a Senior Citizens Center…splashing about carelessly while trying not to get one’s “once-a-week hairdo” wet. I thought it would be a good way to get my creaky joints back in motion, and my doctor said that it was a good idea. I started looking for classes, but gym memberships are so expensive. All hope seemed lost until a friend, Janeen, let me in on the little secret that is Aquatic Aerobics through the Indianapolis Parks Department. You don’t have to register or commit to a certain number of classes. Just show up, pay $2.00, and voila…you’re in.

Janeen and I went to the first class together; by the second class, Marc was in on the action with us; and by the third session, Marc and I dragged our butts all the way up to Dick’s Sporting Goods at Trader’s Point after class to buy Aquatic Aerobics shoes. (Yes…there are special [albeit a little overpriced] sneakers made especially for this endeavor.) We’re hooked!

Admittedly, there is a certain level of kitschy amusement that goes along with taking an AA class. To start off, you throw shame out the window when you start synchronously bouncing and flailing around in an elementary school pool with approximately ten other people…and you’ve paid to do this. Then there are the incredibly awkward situations that one can encounter. Just last night, there was a new woman in class who was pleasant and smiled almost nervously throughout the entire workout. At first, I contributed it to her being a newbie; but then, to my horror, I noticed that during our bouncing and flailing her breast had unbeknownst to her fallen right out of her swimsuit! I politely smiled back and was relieved to notice that by the return lap, all parties had retired to their rightful homes.

When I think about it, where else can you get this type of entertainment and a killer body for just $2.00 a pop?


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