Freezer Burn

For weeks, folks in Indianapolis have celebrated Blue. Blue Fridays….Blue Mondays….whole blue weeks. But I had little idea that Blue Sunday would actually refer to the color of my toes after Marc, Troy, and I headed downtown after the game to celebrate the Colts’ awesome Super Bowl victory over the Chicago Bears. We spent our evening watching the big game at Pat & Judy’s. John & Troy came over to help us cheer on the Boys in Blue, and we chowed down on everything from shrimp dip to pimento cheese sandwiches. The six of us were quite a crew — cheering and yelling at the television — and Troy even telepathically influenced a few plays, commanding once that the Bears fumble and another time that the Colts pick one off. As the game wound down and our victory was sealed, Marc and Troy decided that the only appropriate thing to do was head downtown to join in on the revelry. John, Pat and Judy decided that it was both too late and too cold, so we bundled up and headed to the great unknown of post-Super Bowl-victory madness.

Crazy Colts1

By the time that we were about two or three blocks from downtown, the three of us knew that we were in for some definite entertainment. Horns were blaring, folks were literally dancing in the streets, and some were even standing on the roofs of their cars. We waited in bumper-to-bumper traffic holding our cell phones out the window to give our families and loved ones an earful of the festive noises. By the time we got to our private parking lot, we realized that it was each man for himself — all of the “reserved” spots were taken — so we headed to the nearest street parking and made our way to Monument Circle. Among the most impressive views of the night were “Captain Colt,” the “I’m so Drunk I’m Stripping” pair, and the color of my face by the time we got back to the car. After about an hour, our trio decided that it was time to pack it in for the night. Given that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I’ll have to say that my frozen toes, frost bitten cheeks, and unhumanly numb legs were well worth the chance to cheer on our Super Bowl Champs!



2 responses to “Freezer Burn

  1. Oh my gosh that was so much fun! I loved Captain Colt.

    We may have been the only ones sober enough to truly appreciate it all! Although as cold as it was, I can’t imagine that anyone could have had their senses dulled very much.

    And thanks for not mentioning that I thought Boomer Esiason was Phil Simms after having some “work” done.

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