…and Many More

I wanted to give a little shout out today, in honor of my Mother-in-Law, Judy. Today is her #($& birthday…hmm, that’s funny, my number keys don’t seem to be working. Oh, shame!

As you might notice, Judy is a Valentine’s baby, which I think is especially cool since I also have a holiday birthday. For as long as I’ve known her, I haven’t heard one complaint about having to share the day with Cupid. One good thing about having a Valentine’s birthday is that her mom always made her a heart-shaped Red Velvet cake for her birthday. This year, I thought that I would surprise her with a from scratch Red Velvet cake, made from Troy’s recipe. While mine was not heart-shaped, I did tint the icing pink and decorated it with a huge heart on top.

In the birthday tradition, I’ll take this space to list several reasons why we celebrate Judy on her special day:

  • She’s a great mother-in-law — not the kind you hear people grumble about!
  • She buys snacks for Marc and me even when we’re watching our waistlines.
  • She always has a pair of warm socks to spare and is willing to turn up the thermostat for Miss Chilly-all-the-Time (me!).
  • She let’s us borrow her mini-van without complaint when we need to haul things.
  • She’s always willing to tromp downtown to let Barkley out when we’re out of town.
  • She takes great care of her family.

Enjoy your birthday, Judy — you deserve it!


4 responses to “…and Many More

  1. Yay Judy! Happy Birthday to a great hostess and an uber-fun woman! I hope I gets me some of that cake!

  2. That cake is beautiful!

  3. That is one awesome looking cake! Hope your Mother-In-Law had a fantastic day.

  4. Karen, You know it takes a special daughter-in-law to say such endearing words about her mother-in-law.
    I am soooo happy that you picked Marc or Marc picked you…because you have enriched my life in so many ways. And the CAKE!….I loved it! Brings back the memories of my dear sweet mother…she’s with God now. Thank you so much for the kinds words and kinds gestures. You are loved very much.
    And Troy, yes you can have some cake. There is plenty left. There is on catch to getting a piece of it and that is you have to come and get it.

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