…and Scooby Doo…on Channel 2

Okay…so you might be noticing a trend here. Beginning in early February, Marc and I begin the long walk through a parade of family birthdays! Today’s birthday honors go to Marc’s brother, Matt, who turns the big 3-1 on this very day. We’re celebrating this evening by meeting up for sushi at a favorite local spot, Ocean World…YUM! Hope that you enjoy an extra happy birthday, Matt!

Matt (left) & Marc celebrating with Birthday Sushi


4 responses to “…and Scooby Doo…on Channel 2

  1. Your family’s February is like my family’s September. It can be overwhelming!!

  2. Awwww, don’t they look cute….with Matt using his hand to cover up the food spot on his shirt. HA! Heck, it can be messy eating some sushi. It was a good evening to have all of us together again. My heart felt happy. I don’t think we have anymore birthdays this month, except my Mother. We can go out and celebrate at a Chinese restaurant since that was her favorite food. So…say maybe P.F.Changs on the 27th? She will be with us in spirit.

  3. I’m sure Matt is so happy that Judy pointed out that he was hiding a food stain and not just making a gesture of heart-felt love for his family.

  4. Aren’t we a hunky pair of lads!?!?!

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