Getting Marc’s Point

Even after recently hearing a terrifying story of a man being dragged from his car and assaulted as a result of road rage, Marc still insists on a certain driving maneuver he no doubt considers charming. In some ways, I think that we can partially blame a neighbor who once encouraged Marc to continue use of the aforementioned tactic, but I think that he actually gets a kick out of it and needed little persuasion to perpetuate use of what we have now nicknamed “THE POINT.”

What amazes me most is The Point’s evolution throughout the past few years. At first, it was pretty simple. Traffic blunders by others were given a quick extension of both elbow and index finger resulting in a moderately offensive reprimand. I’ve noticed recently, though, that The Point has become a bit more extravagant. The days of the solo-point are behind us, replaced now with a Derek Zoolander-esque facial scrunch and a complete swivel of the torso for full effect. When the traffic gaffe is–in Marc’s view–especially heinous, the offender often gets the full on finger wag [recall the “tsk, tsk” or “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” motion delivered by your first grade teacher].

The Point is usually met with the now patented Mango Mitigation device, which is basically just my left hand shoving Marc’s arm back down onto the console. What strikes me as most intriguing about the whole pointing fiasco is the response that The Point gets from fellow drivers. You might think that in the whole scheme of things, having someone point at you might not be the worst thing, although I do specifically remember being told as a child that it is impolite to point. Just last Saturday, we were traveling up to Old Navy near the Fashion Mall and discovered that the traffic light was out by Maggiano’s. The intersection is a little confusing with functioning lights, but the absence of green-yellow-and-red instruction made things a little chaotic. We fully complied with the makeshift 4-way stop, but we noticed an enormous Dodge Ram truck to our right whose intention was to use his size to bully on through the light without waiting his turn. Entering the intersection, Marc graced the truck’s driver with an exceptionally saucy Point. What came next was quite impressive–remarkably, this particular gentleman displayed a traffic maneuver of his own…I think we’ll call it the One-half of a Peace Sign.


2 responses to “Getting Marc’s Point

  1. We call behavior like that “Driving Tourettes”. Exhibiting traits you would normally never do when you get behing the wheel of the car. I much too afraid of retribution to do or say anything that might provoke the other driver. I just try to remember that maybe they are having an awful day.

  2. runningpeanut

    I love the Point. How perfect and so much more effective than the one fingered peace sign. I can so easily see Marc making this gesture. Meandering, your posts are so much fun. I miss them when you don’t post in awhile but you do make up for it each time! Why do large vehicle drivers think rules don’t apply to them?

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