American Idiot: Who hates Nina Simone?

I promise myself every year that it will be my last season of American Idol watching. Yet here I am…another season, another few hours down the toilet each week as I plop my patootie down in front of the boob-tube and behold the train wreck that I now refer to as “American Idiot.” I will grant that I watch far less AI than in previous seasons. In fact, we skipped everything up until Hollywood Week this year, but somehow I still get sucked in.

As I eased back into AI viewing this year, I realized that I had some unresolved feelings from last year—actually one specific issue, and that was my anger over Chris Daughtry’s early departure from the competition due to the numbskull voting tendencies of the American public. I’ve tried to be open-minded, tried to suspend my ill-feelings towards the competition, but then I sit with a pit in my stomach as I hear AJ’s name called just in time for the “Bye-Bye Montage.” What? I mean, did I watch the same show this week? How could anyone in their right mind vote for a giant fedora-donning ferret singing a show choir version of Steppin’ Out with my Baby? As AJ and Sanjaya stood there, shoulder to shoulder, reasonable talent to lack thereof, Marc proclaimed his excitement for the end of Sanjaya’s run. “Don’t be surprised if AJ goes home,” I told him. Bingo—chalk one up for Mango.

So what is it about this show that celebrates mediocrity at the expense of genuine talent? I’m not going to offer an explanation, because I don’t really know the answer. Could it be that America just doesn’t like Nina Simone? Personally, she’s a favorite of mine, but who knows? Maybe some folks were a little upset that Miss Nina liked France better than America and decided to take it out on ol’ AJ and Leslie. If so, I’m pulling for Antonella and Sanjaya to wrap their vocal chords around “I Think it’s Going to Rain Today” next week.


4 responses to “American Idiot: Who hates Nina Simone?

  1. I still can’t talk about Chris D. getting voted off.

    Sunjaya rocks the Tiger Beat world. 14 year olds are not known for the discrminating taste. But then again, neither is a country that elects Bush, even if it was only once.

  2. As the two guys were standing there, Ken said, “Well Sanjaya’s going home and I replied, Don’t be so sure.” Bingo. You and me Mango, we know how to call ’em. We were both sad to see AJ go home and hope that Sanjaya gets the vocal coaching and confidence he needs.

  3. I love Sunjaya’s smile. He makes me smile, but I agree – He should have been the one to go home.

    Don’t even get me started on Antonella. Holy cow.

    I was really sad my friend Sean Michel didn’t make it past the group round in Hollywood – He’s a really cool guy. (He’s the one that sang God’s Gonna Cut You Down at the Memphis auditions – Did you see it?)

  4. Just shows that there are too many teeny boppers running around with cell phones. Even me from the baby boomer generation can distinush between today’s good and bad singers. I’m pulling for the girl with no neck. I don’t mean that as a put down….I just can’t remember her name. That’s a privilage of being a baby boomer.

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