Listen: America Got it Wrong, Dawg!

So I’m a little embarrassed that my last two posts are about American Idol, but that’s how it goes. I’m live-time blogging right now while watching the results show with my mother-in-law, Judy. As of this moment, we’ve kicked off Jared (thank goodness!), Antonella (hallelujah!!), and Sabrina (WHAT?!?). Now we’re down to Sundance and Sanjaya, which makes me think that somehow Sundance will go home. Poor guys…just sitting there with their American Idol futures on the line while Seacrest gabs on about the philanthropic…..wait a second, BORAT? That actually sounds kind of cool…I’ll be sure to mark my calendar. Another break—Diet Coke, V-Cast phone and a sweaty dude in a t-shirt, that incredibly annoying Ford Ehhhdguh commercial, Vickie’s Secret, Denny’s, Jergen’s tan-in-a-bottle, Fox 59, sitcoms, 5th grade game show, and we’re back. Drum roll, please….this show is officially RIDICULOUS!!! Sundance, man, you deserve better than this show even with that funky goatee thing on your chin.

Mango, Out!


One response to “Listen: America Got it Wrong, Dawg!

  1. Boy howdy Mango, you’re harsh.

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