Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Yesterday evening, when I went to grab the mail after work, I noticed a package on the stoop that left me both excited and a little perturbed. You see, as techno-savvy as Marc and I can be, there are a few types of gadgetry with which we’ve been perfectly happy to remain in the stone age. Visiting our home, one is sure to notice the bunny ears that sit atop our television. In fact, we almost revel in our lack of cable, which shocked the AT&T sales representative whose response to our bunny ear revelation was a simple “Really?” (hard and heavy emphasis placed on the Rea-sound). Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times that I feel a little left out, like when people talk about the new Sarah Silverman Show, but generally I feel pretty satisfied with the five and 1/2 stations that come in relatively clearly. So, why the excitement? Why the perturbation? Because, lo and behold, nestled up against the corner of the porch was a cardboard box from AT&T. Our new high-speed, wireless internet hardware and software had arrived early (Yeah!), but it was supposed to be shipped to Marc’s office (Boo!). Our concerns about the box’s security on our front porch while we were away at work were obviously unsubstantiated, so excitement won out in the end—we were well on our way to high-speed bliss.

Gauging from my extremely late bedtime last night, I’m a bit fearful of my new highfalutin browsing capabilities. Even though I tend to frequent the same sites, now I can jump around between them more quickly. And don’t even get me started on streaming videos. As Marc stated yesterday evening, “It’s a little like Christmas morning.” Now that I’m sitting here blogging on my couch with the NCAA games coming through real-time on another open window, I’m almost in awe that we’ve actually been able to survive for so long without it. But don’t come over expecting to see an HDTV plasma screen tuned into Comedy Central anytime soon. For now, we’ve reached our new tech threshold.


4 responses to “Faster than a Speeding Bullet

  1. Mango, I thought I was the last person in America to get DSL. I told my husband, “it’s like a whole new world”. I can download an entire CD’s worth of songs in less time than it used to take to do one song! Have fun!

  2. You are funny. welcome to 2007 …you may become as addicted to the net as I am …woo hoo!!

  3. Hey…I just found you! Welcome to the world of high speed internet 🙂

  4. You should use your new browsing capabilities to watch recent episodes of the Sarah Silverman Show.

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