Behold the Power of Duct Tape

A couple of weeks ago, Marc informed me that the downstairs commode was broken. “Broken, broken?” I asked, or just “Broken?” Turns out that while trying to flush, Marc discovered one more bit of janky work completed by our contractors in the form of a now severed, cheap-o plastic component to the inner-workings of our toilet. For most, this would probably not be much cause for concern. In the McAleavey, Jr. household, however, home repair is not high on the list of talents or priorities. [Take, for example, our stripped but never repainted front porch….another story, another day.]

Marc tells me that the repair should actually be quite simple and will require only a quick trip to Lowe’s for the new parts along with minimal elbow grease to change out the broken pieces. Add in our hectic schedules and a general lack of fix-it know-how, and you’ve got yourself a broken toilet…two weeks later. Well, this evening, I decided that I would not run up the stairs doing the pee-pee dance one day longer, nor would I lift the heavy porcelain lid from the tank one more time to manually flush. Today was the day to fix the toilet!

So, nonchalantly after dinner and while still wearing my work clothes, I turned off the water to the toilet [surprised I knew how?] and gave the ol’ boy a good flush. Once the tank emptied, I busted out the paper towels, dried off the ends of the broken pieces, and grabbed the duct tape from the tool box. A couple of loops around the little guy, and Voila! Turned the water back on…watched the tank fill…held my breath and flushed. It worked! Or did it? Does the toilet still sound like it’s running? Drats…looks like I’ve fixed one problem and created another. But at least I don’t have to mess around with taking the tank lid off anymore. And, by the way, is duct tape waterproof?


5 responses to “Behold the Power of Duct Tape

  1. Karen–We have the same problem in the boy’s bath, obviously for a teenager, they don’t care to flush even if it did work, but nevertheless, our contractor told me this past week that duct tape wouldn’t withstand the water when I suggested just taping up the tiles in our shower…so much for our creativity! (In the meantime with 6 college kids spending the night tonight from the visiting choir, I’ll add the duct tape to the toilet sitch) Thanks!

  2. I’ll let you know how it holds up for us! Marc cracked up at my ingenuity when he got home last night. 🙂

  3. Call your Dad. Remember he knows everything about that stuff. The use of duct tape without the presence of the “Y” chromosome is a violation of all understood natural principles. Of course it won’t work! It takes years to fully appreciate the relationship of a pliable flapper and rigid relay stick; not to mention float bulb screw pitch and yaw….which is akin to satellite orbital positioning. Some of us remember where the toilet comes from and appreciate it’s wonderful heritage. In our hometown, you can count on finding people who understand the workings of the “water closet”. How do you think I won that (Major Award) Leg Lamp? (I’ll be right over…Tell the Bumpus’s to lock up the dog…oh that’s Barkley isn’t it?)

    John Crapper was an amateur. You know for a fact that American Standard has produced this fine pottery in your hometown for over a hundred years. You come from soil that bears the marks of toilet legends, from the ancestral home of commodial pioneers, when American needed to relieve herself, Kokomo has always been there.

    It’s time to stop poo-pooing and eliminate the waste of time and resources. You are making leaks not taking them. Get help from the only place on earth where people can honestly say they embrace the toilet and everything it brings to our community.

    Give me a call and we’ll fix it or….. I could go on, and you wouldn’t want that.

  4. I think it’s waterproof. If you need extra tape – Dominic has some cool pirate duct tape you can use 🙂

  5. I think it probably needs some of Troy’s bacon tape.

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