Muddy Buddy — Part II

This will be short, but I wanted to share a couple of photos from our second day at the Bark Park since I forgot my camera the first time.  Below, you’ll see (1) that I wasn’t kidding about the mud; (2) Claire pinning Barkley down and making him say, “Girls Rule, Boys Drool!”; (3) Barkley going in for the take down; and (4) what Barkley would look like in a cowrie shell collar (per Troy’s suggestion).  Overall, it was a pretty good outing—the only thing that spoiled the day was an overly aggressive Lab mix named Pilgrim who launched an offensive on Barkley as soon as we arrived (literally, we had to pull them apart) and who also felt compelled to chase other dogs from his “territory” a.k.a. the entire play area.  [Let it be read here first…Pilgrim, I’ve got your number.]

Bark Park #1

Bark Park #3

Bark Park #4

Barkley's Cowrie Beads



2 responses to “Muddy Buddy — Part II

  1. Claire is so into Barkley.

  2. Have y’all tried the bark park at Eagle Creek?
    P.S.-I want Claire to be so into me.

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