Happy Birthday, Dear Mommy!

Today is a very special day…today is my mom’s birthday! She is obviously a woman whom without you would not have Meandering Mango, but that is not first and foremost. In fact, she is so much more. My mom, Cindy, is one of the strongest women I have the privilege of knowing. I realized that at a young age, and I still admire that in her today. She is caring towards and supportive of her family—she expects great things from people and helps them strive to do those things by setting good examples. And she doesn’t back down from a good fight as long as it’s worth fighting. Much of who I am today was formed by those years growing up, watching my mom persevere and flourish even through struggles. So, on to my birthday list…a list dedicated to celebrating a wonderful lady whose birthday just happens to be today:

  • She showed great gumption in becoming the first woman elected to serve as Councilperson at Large in the City of Kokomo.
  • She showed great humor while imitating Mrs. Doubtfire—dancing with the vacuum and singing “Do the Funky Lady”—think Aerosmith song, and you’ll understand why it’s funny.
  • She has an awesome knack for gardening and decorating (which I did not inherit).
  • She has a remarkable ability to stay calm in extremely stressful situations.
  • She is thoughtful and always calls to see how my doctor’s appointments go.
  • She didn’t ship me off to a deserted island during my tumultuous teenage years.

Have a fantastic birthday today, Mom! It’s your day, so live it up—okay, not too much, because we want to be able to see you this evening. I love you!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dear Mommy!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful words. I love you too. As for that desert island….hummmm. No, I would never had done that and missed all of the fun.

  2. Do the Funky Lady–Hilarious.

    I used to think Foreigner was saying “Virgin” instead of “Urgent.”

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

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