View from My Cube a/k/a Spring for a Moment

This morning when I got to work after my dentist appointment, I was so pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful bouquet of bubble-gum pink tulips and double daffodils on top of our otherwise “vanilla” filing cabinet.  The flowers were plucked from Troy’s garden, and they make for a lovely view from my little office cube.  As the severe t-storms and freezing temperatures wander back across the state today, these little beauties will help to keep our mind on spring—even though we might get flurries later this week.

Flowers 003


6 responses to “View from My Cube a/k/a Spring for a Moment

  1. That might be the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen – I love it!!

  2. Beautiful…Love the colors.

  3. Those are beautiful – and have made me much happier after being outside in this cold weather!

  4. It is snowing right now. Boo!!!! The flowers are gorgeous. David and I have daffys as this week’s flower.

  5. I just wish the bouquet would outlast the cold snap. I fear they won’t.

  6. Oh….how I don’t miss that cabinet!! 🙂

    Glad to see that Troy is lightening up the otherwise drab space. 🙂

    Hope you two are doing well. Just here catching up. GOOD TIMES!

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