American Idol’s Hidden Past

Okay, so the title was just for kicks, but Marc and I had a little fun yesterday coming up with the cartoon alter-egos of the American Idiot Top 8.  I wanted to do an Idol post, but I knew that my analyses couldn’t touch those of the Running Peanut.  So here is my contribution to today’s Idol chatter:

Blake Lewis a/k/a Johnny Bravo


 Chris Richardson a/k/a Bobby from King of the Hill


Haley Scarnato a/k/a Daphne from Scooby Doo


Jordin Sparks a/k/a Minnie Mouse


 LaKisha Jones a/k/a Tazmanian Devil’s Wife from the Looney Toons


 Melinda Doolittle a/k/a Princess Fiona from Shrek


 Phil Stacey a/k/a Stewie from The Family Guy


 Sanjaya Malakar a/k/a Timon from The Lion King


You can totally see it, can’t you?  Now realize, for all you Idol purists out there, that this is all strictly in fun.  I actually do like a couple of the candidates…this was just too much fun to pass up!


10 responses to “American Idol’s Hidden Past

  1. Love it! You and Marc are too clever. I think the best is Timon.

  2. I like Bobby Hill the best! You two are good!

  3. i am glad you did it, i can’t stand the show…

  4. Bravi! Absolutely awesome, Marc and Karen!

    I can only say “Tasmanian Devil’s Wife? Where did THAT come from?” because it’s so utterly perfect.

    Genius! Brilliant! BRAVI!

  5. Karen, in case you’re wondering, Catch is my J. He says he can’t stand the show, but don’t be fooled. He still watches it with me if we’re home at the same time.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Karen. Your comparisons are brazilliant. I don’t think there is anything more fun than a good round of separated at birth or compare/contrast. I’m waiting for the board game for either.

  7. Jennie – When Marc read that about J, he laughed and said, “Hey, that’s just like me!” He’s an incognito Idol lover, too. 🙂

  8. Totally brazilliant! Love this! I think the Haley/Daphine is my fav.


    Personally, none of them are THAT good this year, but I think Blake is HOT and SO IS JOHNNY! 🙂

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