Wacky Wednesday Photo Fun

Troy has been begging me to upload this photo, so I thought I would finally oblige.  So here it is…a little gem I came across while adding photographs to the Senior Celebration Day booklet for this upcoming Sunday.  If you’re planning on attending Broadway this Sunday, act like you’ve never seen this picture before.  If you’re not, well just enjoy a good laugh while checking out this awesome photo.

The actual caption says, “Dancing Cigarettes:  Classmates entertain in the church’s upstairs.”  Personally, I think there are too many hysterical aspects to this picture to list them all.  But I will point out that I think it’s pretty hilarious that the gentleman in the front row appears to be so “entertained” by the performance that he  actually seems to be looking down—like he’s reading a newspaper or something, or maybe he’s just checking out their totally rad color guard boots.


9 responses to “Wacky Wednesday Photo Fun

  1. Maybe in the interest of history we should have periodic “Broadway Lounge Nights.” BTW, I mentioned the photo to Pastor Mike and Jordan (his youngest son for those not familiar). I told them that Marc and I want to have a “Broadway Follies” so that in between acts, Marc and I could put on these cigarette boxes and dance booted and bare-legged across the stage. Jordan said quietly from the back seat, “I’ll think I’ll skip that one.”

  2. Jordan has completely missed the boat.

    I would pay at least ten dollars for a “Broadway Follies” ticket. Twenty, if interludes included Troy and Mike as dancing cigarette boxes.

    Does anyone know what room in the church that is? There’s a curve to the wall in the upper right that makes me guess the Dome Room, which would go along with the descriptor “in the church’s upstairs,” but do we know for sure?

    Old Gold forever!

  3. I love this picture. How freakin’ cute is that?!?!

    I really need to get back to Broadway. We really like it there. And, we MISS you guys!!

    Dinner soon!! Call me…or maybe I’ll see you Sunday.

  4. Scott — We’ve deduced that it’s the Dome Room, so that’s where it is. End of story. 🙂 And I’m totally putting the flyer together for the Broadway Follies…I’m seeing some definite fundraising potential here.

    Marcie — Hope we see you guys soon…yes, dinner as soon as Marc is done with school (9 MORE DAYS!!).

  5. Bring it on! Everybody loves a talent show. I mean, for real, look at American Idol. Honestly, I think I would pay more money to see Troy and Mike’s bare legs in cig boxes than I would for the AI tour. Hey, you know you can buy iron on transfer paper at office supply stores. Let’s enlarge this photo and screen it on T shirts. For real yo.

  6. The more I look at this, the more interesting I think it is. The cigarette girls dancing for the bored guy. What does a girl have to do to get noticed? The empty chair with a spotlight on it? Is it for me?

  7. I think the whole concept of dancing cigarette girls at church would be scandalous during the time the photo was taken. But it is Broadway!

  8. I don’t see any eyeholes in their boxes. How do you suppose they saw where they were headed? Maybe they had their dancing routine so well memorized they could do it without looking.

  9. 9 more days!! that is nuts!! yay for marc! Call me after – we must celebrate and I want my present! muwahahaha! DUH! hehehehe.

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