Searching: Highs and Lows

Okay…cheesy title, I know. But in recent days, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of Search Engine hits while checking out my Blog Stats. And to be quite honest, some of them are pretty strange. Like the one day when I checked and noticed that someone had actually stumbled onto my blog by searching “Pee Gadgetry.” What?!? Number 1: Who searches for that? And Number 2: Why did that search turn up my blog? To answer my own question, at least question #2, I mentioned the word gadgetry in my Faster Than a Speeding Bullet post. I do not, however, believe that I mentioned the word pee…especially in conjunction with gadgetry. So who knows? Maybe gadgetry just isn’t a word that very many people use—save Merriam-Webster and Meandering Mango. Regardless, the two words are a pair now, which I’m sure will guarantee that it will pop up again on someone’s random search for urinary assistance equipment.

But enough about that… What is gracing the Top Searches List on Meandering Mango right now? Well, primarily they are searches for “Melinda Doolittle Princess Fiona” or some variation of the aforementioned. In fact, I’ve had so many search hits on that particular term that Marc and I took a moment to search the phrase on Google yesterday evening. Would you believe that I actually come up as the second highest result? Marc said that he wouldn’t be surprised if someone doesn’t eventually pirate my side-by-side creation, but as of last night, it didn’t show up in the Google image search—so for now, I guess that the official Melinda/Fiona lookalike photo is mine…all mine!

Other notable searches include “Happy Birthday Notes to Mother-in-law,” “Lazy Jane (too many to count),” “Footage of Cutting Woman’s Hair,” and “Kitty Named Mango.” I’m hopeful that those seeking the depths of the Internet for this type of information were able to reap some semblance of benefit from my imparted wisdom. The idea of creating a post based on the Blog Stats’ search engine terms list was actually the brainchild of two crazy co-workers and a boring afternoon—I’ll let you guess who they are. And the original idea was that we would have to actually make up a post based off of the craziest items on the list.  As I continue to compile these wacky search parameters, I will concede and write a post based off of the sheer goofiness of a term.  But for now, I’m going to wrap this one up.  If you have your own blog, I hope you’ll share a few treats from your own search engine goody bag.  And let this be a warning to the rest of you—no matter what kind of crazy stuff you’re searching for out there, it’s showing up on someone’s Blog Stats.  So watch out, or your next search for “Bologna Diaper Rotary Club” or “Munchkin Palace Podiatry Clinic” just might be Meandering Mango’s newest post.


5 responses to “Searching: Highs and Lows

  1. I don’t even want to know what Pee Gadgetry searches might turn up.

    I think the strangest on my blog has been “Nigerian Car Crashes March.”

  2. When I still had my search engine feature turned on, someone searched for sopapilla cheesecake every single day! I mean, yes, the dessert is good, but every day??

  3. No kidding…I think that there is actually a class out there studying the poem “Lazy Jane” by Shel Silverstein, becuase I literally have about eight “Lazy Jane” searches every day. I told Marc that I might add a post that says, “If you reached this page by searching Lazy Jane, please leave a comment to tell me why you looked it up in the first place! 😉

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m really laughing at the Pee gadgetry!

    I haven’t gotten many really strange ones. A lot of people tend to search for Banana migraines (I think because they are getting migraines as a result of bananas).

  5. Okay yesterday I had a great one. “Look at big booty with out being on comp”. D thinks it’s the big in bigskymind. Wacky!

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