APB: Marc’s Bike

We were rudely awakened this morning to the shrill scream of our ADT burglar alarm—never a sound you want to hear and definitely one that instantly creates a grapefruit sized pit in the bottom of your stomach. Marc called 911 and told them to dispatch. I took the call from ADT and told them to do the same. So we waited on the line with the police dispatcher until they told us that the police had arrived. We could see their flashlights shining as they made their way through our backyard to the garage door. For those who are unfamiliar with our area, the garages are de-tached…not attached. We saw the officer push open the utility door to our garage. Oh no…that should not be open! And then we saw their lights shine through into the alley way. OH NO!!!…the overhead door definitely should not be open. Then I heard Marc say over my shoulder, “I don’t see my bike!” That grapefruit in my stomach turned into a basketball. I was crushed.

When we finally got the okay from the officers, we made our way downstairs and met them in the backyard. Marc asked the officer—who, by the way, we recognized from the first time we had an attempted burglarly back in 2003—if it looked like a legitimate alarm, and the officer said, “No.” So we started to look in the garage, and sure enough…no bike. Well, officer buddy, it doesn’t get much more legitimate than someone breaking into your garage at 5:30 in the morning and stealing your beloved bike! Whether he would admit it or not, I could see Marc’s devastation written across his face in bold letters. For those long-time Meandering Mango readers, you may remember my story about Marc’s bike from back in the fall. Kermit, as the bike came to be known, was one of Marc’s prized possessions—his birthday present last year. It’s a beautiful bike and one that someone won’t just be able to ride around the neighborhood on without someone noticing. My hope is that someone will see it and will report it to us. The simple fact is that we haven’t seen even one single other bike like that in the city. It was a special order from Indy Cycle Specialist. And for God’s sake, when it all boils down, someone stole Marc’s birthday present on his graduation day. It doesn’t get much lower than that.

So my charge to all of you—well mainly our church friends who are out and about in the neighborhood around the church—is to PLEASE let us know if you see anyone riding this bike around the neighborhood. I’ll post the “reward flyer” below. As the flyer states, it has more sentimental value than anything else. I’m just sick to my stomach about this whole thing.



6 responses to “APB: Marc’s Bike

  1. Aw, man — this sucks! That is a sweet ride.

    I don’t typically do much neighborhood watching, but I promise I’ll keep an eye out around the ‘hood.

  2. I agree. That bike is stylin’. I am so sorry to hear about this and will keep a look out. I’m sure there are myriad emotions going on right now.

  3. Oh, I do remember the bike post! I’m so sorry. I hope you find it really soon.

  4. I’m on it. The case, not the bike.

  5. This is terrible! 😦 I know how much Marc loved that bike. I’ll keep an eye out when we walk the Fall Creek trail.

  6. I just wish that you find your much loved bike

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