American Cry Baby

Could Jordin Sparks be any more annoying?  Seriously, Jordin, we know that you are only 17, and it’s a really emotional time for you.  But if you can’t make it through a song without crying, maybe the title should go to someone else.  Like Blake.  Or better yet, Melinda.  I say it every year, but this time I think it’s for real.  Come January, I don’t think I’ll be watching American Idol.


6 responses to “American Cry Baby

  1. Seriously. Maybe the trick is to just watch it until the final three. It seems to get really boring after that point.

  2. I’m smellin’ what you’re steppin’ in.

  3. Wow Karen, that’s like way harsh.

  4. Seriously….you have ruined my entire summer and fall. (Tearing up) You mean the show is contrived, contrite and (sob…sob) designed to promote sponsors and producers? (Alligator tears and uncontrollable wailing) Are you suggesting that we try to raise our teenagers without a Sanjaya? If we cannot focus on the eternal wisdom of a Simon, we will no doubt be drawn in by that horrible Al Gore and the warm-up thing. If we do not seek the joy of an Abdul, we will be stuck watching all those other Arabs who, well, just aren’t happy.

    And then there’s the founding brother of the Jackson Five. I suppose you perfer he not share his wealth of experience and the love he gained growing up with his wonderful family.

    No you’ll not change me, I have my IPod blasting “Bend Time Back Around”. You can have your Barack Banama-Rama. If he had grown up like Taylor Hicks, maybe he would stop running and start singing.

    No, I’ll not be swayed. Weep on Jordin — because it is what our country is all about. I sure beats all those jerks running around the country in the 70’s singing the “politically correct” anthems. Did they really think they would change something? No we will not not take to the streets, we’ll be where America wants us this January, not protesting, not caring, not worrying, not even thinking.

    After all – It’s American Idol, no foreigners needed or welcome. Just folks like us. Gimme a Coke.

  5. Aww, snap! I think I’ll change the title to American Liar!!

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