It has been an unfortunately long amount of time since my last post, so I thought that I would just write a few mini-posts—snippets if you will—about any recent happenings that seem even remotely blogworthy.  So here you go…

A Whale of a Tail:  Forgive the crude designation I will soon apply to a spectacular visual Marc and I beheld yesterday while driving through Broad Ripple.  (You’ll get what I mean soon enough.)  As we drove down Broadripple Avenue past La Joya, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye that was astounding.  Just to the right of our car, perched at near-eye level on the outdoor patio was a full on whale tail.  For those of you who are not familiar with what that is…just picture an obtrusive view of one’s scanty underthings emerging from the back of one’s pants.  Think Sisqo’s song—okay, if I must say it…it’s a thong protruding from a person’s jeans!  I’m sure you’ve all had to bear witness to such atrocities before.  (I almost made Marc drive back around the block so that I could snap a picture and include it as my Wacky Wednesday Photo Fun, but Marc decided that might be too voyeuristic.)  Typically, the whale tail is displayed by wayward teenagers who think it’s cool.  But, as Marc noted, “That was a mom!”  And, as I noted, it was way too far out of the lady’s jeans for her not to at least be feeling a bit of a breeze that might call for a short pause and a “hmmm…why do my my cheeks feel so, I don’t know, exposed?”  Put that away, lady.  Put…that…away.

Revoltingly Sweet…Yet Surprisingly Addictive!:  Troy and I just entertained a five or so minute conversation about “sugar cereals” this morning.  And he came up with a rather poignant observation—whether you were deprived of sugar cereals (Troy’s childhood) or allowed sugar cereals (My childhood) as a kid, you still crave sugar cereals down the road.  Between the two of us, we managed to list off about 15 cereals that fit the bill.  Cocoa Pebbles, Trix, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Honeycomb, Corn Pops, Cookie Crisp….this list goes on and on.  I have always been a cereal fan.  Growing up, that’s what I ate for breakfast just about every morning.  And today, I admit that I still buy cereal to eat in the evenings when I get a sweet tooth.  Usually, I will refrain from going too far overboard and try to stick with cereals that have some redeemable qualities—Frosted Mini-Wheats or Fruity Cheerios (a nice hybrid between good-for-you Cheerios and not-so-good-for-you Trix)—but I did buy a box of Star-O-Saurus the other day (the store brand of Lucky Charms).  Mmm…marshmallow-y goodness!

Soy Dream Come True:  I am an ice cream-aholic.  Seriously, if I allowed myself, I could eat it almost every day.  However, my cholesterol level—yes, I have the skinny body/bad cholesterol issue—dictates that every day ice cream eating is not necessarily in the best interest of my overall health.  So, in my search for reasonable alternatives…I stumbled upon Soy Dream “ice cream.”  Yes, ice cream is in quotes because it’s not really ice cream.  It’s soy cream…I guess.  And no, it’s not disgusting.  In fact, the Chocolate Brownie Soy Dream is just about my favorite thing ever.  We get it at the Sunflower Market in Broad Ripple, and it tastes good enough that I generally have to give myself a pep talk to stop eating it.  “Mango…put the spoon down.  You can do it.  Good girl.”  Just thought I would offer a little product endorsement and a shout out for the best ice soy cream ever!

Putting that Bottle Rocket Where the Sun Don’t Shine:  That’s what Marc and I were ready to do to a few raucous neighborhood boys yesterday who decided that May 29th was the new July 4th.  From the time that I got home until late into the evening, we were treated to the sounds of firecrackers being exploded inside of soda cans.  Lovely.  As the evening wore on, they switched over to bottle rockets, which were actually being launched towards neighbor’s houses.  It’s always hard for Marc and me, because we realize that kids will be kids.  And as Marc revealed, boys love fireworks.  He said that he and his friends probably would have done the same thing when they were young.  The difference, as he pointed out, is that when he was younger his parents—or someone’s parents—would have put the smack down on shooting them at people’s homes or firing off an excessive and annoying number of firecrackers.  Not wanting to be the bitchy neighbor lady…I let it slide.  Not so for our neighbor who eventually called the cops.  You gotta do what you gotta do.


11 responses to “Snippets

  1. Love the snippets! I think all of my blog posts are like that because I’m so ADD. Also, I’m totally going to use Whale Tail. That is awesome! Very descriptive. Honey Bunches of Oats is my healthy/sugary cereal of choice, I like the one with the almonds best. Good info on the Soy Dream, since I’m a soymilk girl, that would be right up my alley. I hate fireworks, they scare me and my cats. I don’t understand how they are illegal, yet still for sale on every corner?

  2. Here is my snippets comment 😉

    I’m cracking up about the whale tail, Mmmm you’ve got me craving Apple Jacks and Cap’n Crunch now, fireworks drive Vince and I nuts too – they are so loud, and adding Soy dream to my grocery list.

  3. BTW…a mostly non-related soy product advisory. I don’t know if either of you (Sally or Melissa) eat soy yogurt, but do not…I repeat DO NOT buy O’Soy soy yogurt. It tastes like DOOKIE! Last week, we were grocery shopping too late at night and Sunflower was closed, so I couldn’t get over there to get my Silk Live! soy yogurt. I thought, “Hmm…maybe O’Soy is a good substitute.” It’s not. 😦 Buy Silk Live! even if you have to make an extra trip.

  4. Karen, you’ll need to have your neighbors avoid

    Boomland in Charleston, MO where John and I stop on every trip to AR.

    Not to be picky, but are we sure Dookie is the correct spelling? Not Dookey?

  5. Actually, according to, it is “dookie.” Although, there are some phrases that use “dookey” in them, it isn’t recognized as a stand-alone synonym for poo. Hope that helps!

  6. OK, if you want your slang to sound like “cookie” rather than “kookey” that’s cool.

  7. Karen, thats funny…you never seem to complain when my whale tale is showing. In fact, wasn’t it YOU who bought me a six pack of man thongs and two pairs of low-ride Gap Jeans for graduation?..hum.

    Well, gotta go…I have some bottle rockets to shoot….I mean ummmm….I need to mow the yard.

  8. Fascinating visuals goin’ on here…allow me to continue with a little story. In my late teens, my friend Rebecca and I shared an entire box of Kaboom cereal. Kaboom is multi-colored oat O-shaped cereal. Trust me when I say that overdosing on Kaboom creates a strange green colored ____________. (topic of Troy’s comment and mango’s reply)

  9. Wow, congratulations Karen. This is about as base as a comment strand can be. Marc, we’ll leave Karen and John at home when we go cruisin’ with our WT’s hangin’ out.

  10. You guys are sooooo gross. I don’t like the visualzation of my son wearing “whale tails” and low-ride jeans. It’s not like the old days when you wore your Speedos all the time…weren’t they red and Matt wore the blue ones?
    Karen, I love the various topics you bring up. Gives me many chuckles.

  11. Marc still walks slowly past the Speedo aisle when we’re at the sporting goods store. I have to remind him that those days are past. It doesn’t seem to make it any easier on him, but I think he understands. 😉

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