You Say It’s Your Birthday…Happy Birthday to Ya!

Thirty short years ago today, the Good Lord blessed this Earth with a unique and charming individual that I am happy to call my husband.  Yes, folks, today is Marc’s thirtieth birthday…the Big 3-0!  Time for much merriment and partying!  As it turns out, Marc was a little stressed about this monumental birthday.  When we woke up yesterday, he looked at me and said, “You know, this is my last day in my twenties.”  To which I replied, “Yes, honey.  But just think—tomorrow you will be so much wiser and smarter!”  I don’t think he took much comfort in my assessment of the situation.

As our friend Troy points out, the fear of getting older is fueled by our society’s general obsession with youth. And truthfully, I wonder if we would view aging differently if we lived in a place that revered older folks a bit more.  But I digress…  This post is about Marc, our celebration of a milestone birthday, and kicking off another great decade that will hopefully be just as fruitful and magnificent as the last three.  I think that Marc was born under a lucky star—he first made his appearance on Six Seven Seventy Seven at Seven pounds even at 11:11am.  It just sounds good.  He was a super cute little guy, and I don’t think that much has changed in thirty years!

As most anyone who knows him will tell you, he’s a one-of-a-kind guy in all of the best ways, and I’m truly blessed to share my every day with him.  So in honor of my dear husband’s birthday, I compiled a list of thirty reasons why I admire Marc.  

  1. He always helps me open things without complaint, even though it’s probably a little annoying.
  2. He actually likes to exercise and sticks to a workout routine–while I sleep in.
  3. He always sees the best in others.
  4. He is an eternal optimist.
  5. He never gets upset when I buy clothes, even when I’ve said that I’m not going to buy anymore.
  6. He’s a kid at heart.
  7. He has a great smile.
  8. He always joins me in singing songs from Les Miserables at the top of his lungs.
  9. He can always tell you about great new music or bands that you’d never hear of otherwise.
  10. He can play the piano without sheet music.
  11. He knows EVERYONE!
  12. He can do a great Stone Phillips impersonation.
  13. He takes great care of his family.
  14. He keeps me laughing.
  15. He always makes me feel loved.
  16. He doesn’t mind when I burp loudly.
  17. He always says my cooking tastes good even when I’m doubtful.
  18. He gave me the best nickname ever, without which there would be no Meandering Mango.
  19. He usually takes over the nasty house jobs, like cleaning up when the pets get sick.
  20. He dreams big dreams.
  21. He’s a good cuddler.
  22. He has a wonderful sense of humor.
  23. He’s very modest.
  24. He worked full time while going to grad school and still managed a 4.0!
  25. He never hesitates to lend someone a hand.
  26. He tells people that being married is like a big slumber party, which I think is cute.
  27. He doesn’t compromise his values or beliefs just to please other people.
  28. He always tells me I’m pretty, even when I’ve just woken up and my hair looks like a rat’s nest.
  29. He’s good about keeping things in perspective.
  30. He is the most wonderful, loving, caring husband that a girl could ever ask for!

 Happy Birthday, honey!  I Love You!


10 responses to “You Say It’s Your Birthday…Happy Birthday to Ya!

  1. Karen, you do have a one of a kind–very much like a Bob that we know and love. Although a close second was John on Jeopardy on Monday & Tuesday night…Bob & I thought of Marc instantly! You tell Marc that my Favorite, with a capital F, time in life was my thirties! Loved it!!! It only gets better! He’s a doll and we all love him a lot! You may also pass this to him–“Kings & Queens & Princes, too, want to wish the best to You, Happy Birthday, TO YOU!

  2. Happy Birthday Marc! Great list Karen!!!

  3. Marcs-a-lot rules! Marc, you will SO love your 30s. I promise, but you have to start them by having a killer party.

    P.S. If my friend Adam (Adam in Chiner) finds out you all sing Les Mis songs at the top of your lungs, you will have a new bffl (best friend for life).

  4. Karen, you and Marc deserve each other because you are also a one-of-a-kind girl. I loved this list and am left wondering why we didn’t sing Les Mis songs when I met you guys at Fry Day.

    Happy birthday, Marc! I hope you get your bike back for your birthday. (Still missing?)

  5. Karen: Your entry made my birthday! It made my eyes swell up (hahaha). Seriously, it did. I think someone once said that “behind every good man is a great woman.” Thats a bunch of crap. I say for every sappy, les mis loving, cheesy, zaney, and balding man there stands next to him a beautiful, smart, funny, considerate and totally sexy woman (or man). Thanks for being next to me, forever!

    Barb: Thanks so much. I hope you and Bob will help me but the “F” in Favorite for my 30’s! I love you guys!

    David: Thanks…isn’t Karen great with these things?!?!?!

    Troy: You’re the best….around….nothing’s gonna ever keep you down! Just sharing a note of 80’s music with you in appreciation for all you are and all that you do! Let’s party!

    Jennie: Next Fry Dye…me, you, Karen…serious “at the end of the day” rendition while eating Fried Twinkies!! and I agree about the pairing. Thanks for noticing!!!
    And, by the way, I didn’t get my old Kermit bicycle back…I GOT A NEW ONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! I still have to pick a name for it, but I rode it all over the city today! Thanks for asking (if you scroll over my website above you can see a nice picture of the bike!).

  6. What a wonderful list Karen! Ever since high school Marc has been one of my most favorite people (plus now we get to know you).

    Yay for the new bike – I was so sad to think of Marc’s missing Kermit.

  7. What a beautiful list and birthday present to Marc. He truly is one of a kind! He is certainly blessed to have you by his side. On my list for Marc is his sense of humor. Happy Birthday, Marc!!

  8. Marc finds a way to bring out the positive when everything seems negative.

    Marc is that rare breed who makes each person feel
    … accepted for who you are
    … able to pick up right where you left off
    …like sharing, talking, and laughing

    He always makes me that our time together is about us, and for that I’m grateful. I’m glad our relationship doesn’t come with price tags. I could never pay the bill.

    Then there is the “them”. He is the other half of Karen. Can you imagine one of them without the other? Some parents have sons and daughters; we are blessed… the sum is greater than the parts.

    FYI, Marc and Darth Vader are the same age. So may the force be with you. Happy Birthday Marc!!!

  9. Steve, you made my day! Much love, man.

  10. Oh boy Karen, what a great list. I know Marc thinks just as highly of you as you do him. I remember the day he was born…..ouch! Since that day he has been such a blessing in my life. There are so many loving and funny stories to tell about him while growing up. I just thank God that he gave me the privilege to have and raise such a sweetheart. Now you have him and he couldn’t have picked a better mate for the rest of his life. Karen, you are very much loved in our family. I love to watch how the two of you relate to each other. Makes my heart feel happy. Thanks for being a part of our lives, and I know Marc thanks you even more.
    Loves ya,

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