Random Lunch

My office is always cold…very cold.  So when lunchtime rolls around, I often try to take shelter outdoors where my body can start to thaw and feeling returns to my extremities.  Unfortunately, I also try to save a couple of bucks by packing my lunch, which usually equates to a Lean Cuisine frozen meal.  Gross…I know.  And seeing as how frozen meals don’t always transport well for, say, a lunch on Monument Circle, I’m usually forced to spend a few more minutes trapped in the igloo.  Today was no exception, so I scarfed down my lunch and took a walk over to the Circle to get some fresh air and relax for a moment.  I approached the Monument from the side and fully expected to round the corner to steps full of people — but it was empty.  I looked around for a minute to make sure that I hadn’t just made myself the main attraction in some sort of rally on the steps of the Monument (“Hell No We Won’t Go” or “Fair Hours, Fair Wages”), but no…I guess everyone else just decided to stay in for the day.  I called Marc, and we chatted for awhile as he tried to make his way through Broad Ripple traffic to buy a birthday cake for a co-worker.  Then I just sat — until I saw this!


I immediately grabbed my camera, because I had to share this spectacle with Troy.  You may have seen his post Icee Me last week?  Before today, I don’t think that I’ve ever noticed an Icee or a Slush Puppie truck.  But, alas, there it was.  I don’t dislike Slush Puppies as much as Troy…I guess I just wonder why they spell it with an “ie.”  Weird.

Secondly, I had to take a picture of these pigeons who decided to join me on the steps. 


The other day while we walked to Paradise Cafe, I noticed a pigeon that I thought had something caught on his foot.  As we walked back, I realized that in fact it was some sort of tag that had been attached to its foot intentionally.  Does anyone know what’s up with this?  I mean pigeon tracking?  Again…weird.

Finally, I stopped off at Starbucks to grab a treat — oh, okay…a tall Strawberries & Cream, no whip to be exact.  I know, it’s a weakness.  Anyway, the guy gave me my total, I handed him my card, then he asked if I wanted my receipt.  Thinking to myself that the total seemed a little high, I looked over the receipt and noticed that he had charged me for a Grande even though I had ordered a Tall.  And I know that he heard me say “tall” because that’s what he shouted out for the barista to make.  When I asked him about it, he said that if the cashier just presses the drink button and doesn’t specify a size, then the register automatically defaults to grande.  Hmm….conspiracy theorist?  Yes.  But it seems like an easy way for Starbucks to make an extra 50 or so cents per drink.  Maybe not…but I’m just sayin’.


8 responses to “Random Lunch

  1. Since I normally avert my eyes at the sight of them, I guess I never noticed the spelling was “Puppie”. Sounds a little too close to pupa if you ask me.

  2. I used to work at Starbucks in my previous life and I think your Barista was telling you a tale. When I worked there you hit the size button then the type of drink. I think he just hit the wrong button and didn’t want to admit he goofed. I hope he gave you a free drink coupon to make up for it.

  3. No such luck…all I got was my 54 cents back. 🙂

  4. troy don’t hate…i guess the icee bear mobile was in the shop…go figure…

    must have spent too much money on his turtlenecks.

    best. picture. ever.

  5. I feel like I was there with you.
    I am curious about the pigeon tracking.

  6. J. , you kind of look like the Slush Poopie.

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