Internet Sensation?

Okay…I haven’t posted for months, but here I am. Last night, Broadway United Methodist Church opened its doors for the first in a series of monthly coffee house nights. I was pleased to see several cars in the parking lot when we arrived; the cold weather had me a little nervous about how many folks would come out for the inaugural java night. Once we made it down to the Wesley Room, quite a crowd was already gathered and listening to Anne McWilliams play & sing. It was great!

What brings me back to the ol’ Meandering Mango, though, is a little ditty that my dear husband, Marc, debuted at the coffee house last night. It’s a parody of Facebook status updates, all wrapped up into a catchy little tune he calls, “The Status of Our Lives.”  I think you’ll like it; our almost-one-year-old, Max, is a huge fan. In fact, he nearly danced himself out of his highchair while Marc was practicing the other night. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. And don’t miss out on next month’s coffee house night…it’s the third Friday of every month. Perhaps Marc will come up with something as equally hilarious by then. Enjoy!


3 responses to “Internet Sensation?

  1. Wow. That was great. Might have to start coming to Indy every third Friday!

  2. Marc rocks!!! I even made it into the song. Woo hoo!! Yay for blogging again Karen!

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