Whether you intentionally made the trek or just happened upon Meandering Mango…Welcome!  Hopefully, you’ll find something here to enjoy from my collection of happenings, ramblings, and general spout offs.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

Who is this Meandering Mango, anyway? — I’m a [late] twenty-something from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Did Meandering Mango really write 23 posts in one day? — Nope.  I recently made the switch from Blogger and couldn’t make the transfer…darn New Blogger.  The good news:  Thanks to an afternoon of cutting and pasting, you won’t miss out on any of my meanderings.  The bad news:  All of my old Blogger posts now appear to have been written on January 31st.

Poor Mango…no comments? — Actually, if you really want to view comments to my old posts from Blogger, you can check them out at http://meanderingmango.blogspot.com.  As of February 1st, 2007, Word Press is Mango’s official new home. 


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