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“Alice Walker’s Turnips Will Do Nothing to Save the World”

When you have a spare fifteen or twenty minutes (washing the dishes, working out, bored at work), take the opportunity to listen to the message given by the Rev. Donna Schaper to Broadway United Methodist Church on September 23rd. Her words are challenging and often uncomfortable, but she forces you to think of things in a new light. Love it or hate it, her message won’t let you off the hook easily.

Shall We Grow Turnips or Save the World?


Meez, Pleez

Somehow I stumbled upon a new website on Sunday night called Meez.  In a nutshell, it’s a site that enables you to create an animated, cartoon-like version of yourself by choosing from a plethora of characteristics—right down to nose shape, skin tone, and accessories (most importantly, of course).  So what did my Meez look like?  Check it out below…

Pretty cool, huh?  Marc was amazed at how much some of the Meezes (if that’s how you pluralize it) really look like the people after which you’ve modeled them.  He made one of himself doing the Thriller Dance, which was pretty hilarious.  So if you have a spare minute—or thirty—check out Meez and get to know your cartoon alter-ego a little bit better.